Programs During Construction

Visitor Center

Visitor Center Open 9-4:00 Monday through Saturday


The Visitor Center at the Matthew Turner construction site will be open to the public, and will provide background information on the project as well as explorations into the subjects that will be taught on the ship once she is complete. Exhibits in the visitor center will be focused on hands-on engagement with subjects that are aligned with CA content standards.


Adult Volunteer Program

Ready to roll up your sleeves and help build this ship? We rely on volunteer support for many different aspects of the Matthew Turner project, from construction to public education to donor events. Fill out the form below if you are interested in learning about upcoming volunteer opportunities and events. Join us in building a lasting legacy for experiential education in the Bay Area.

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Educational Programs for Students and Teens

Day Visit Program

The Day Visit program is designed to accommodate groups of students who wish to come visit the construction site and learn about the project in a scheduled tour.


Youth Job Training and Apprenticeship Program

The apprenticeship program trains youth from ages 17-24 to learn building skills, work discipline and responsibility. Working with local agencies and individuals, youth will be selected to join the construction crew and learn hands on skills and work habits that they can transfer to hold down a variety of future jobs. They will be held accountable to maintain regular hours, follow instructions, stay focused, work safely, learn and get along with their fellow crew members. This will be a unique opportunity for youth to be involved in creating a high profile Tall Ship they will be proud of being part of.


On-The-Water Programs

The Educational Tall Ship’s mission is to construct a historic and sustainable wooden tall ship that will serve the Bay Area as an on-the-water platform offering experiential education in marine ecology, sustainability, teamwork, leadership and the rich maritime history of San Francisco Bay. The new vessel will add to Call of the Sea’s,  educational capacity which now serves 5000 youth each year on the schooner Seaward operating from the Bay Model. Educators can bring classes for our Bay Explorations programs which engages students in learning about the marine environment in an interactive experiential way. Please visit for more information and to schedule a sail. 

Call of the Sea, will be able to serve 12,000 more students each year on the completed Matthew Turner. Programs inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with the sea on a traditional sailing vessel. From three hour day sails to multi-day overnight adventures, Call of the Sea’s programs provide hands-on, powerful learning experiences for youth from 9-24. Students gain a connection with the outdoors in a completely unique way aboard the classic schooner Seaward. Content focuses on ecology, maritime history, navigation and seamanship, teamwork and much more, with all lessons taught by our crew of professional educators and mariners. We strive to make these programs available to students of all backgrounds, and provide need-based scholarships to families and schools in need of financial assistance.


Bay Explorations, a three-hour sail, includes hands-on learning stations in sailing, California coastal history, navigation, and bay ecology. It aligns with 4th and 5th grade state curriculum, but is appropriate for grades 4-12.

Voyage Seaward is a youth-oriented sail training adventure for teenagers designed to build self-confidence, self-awareness, discipline, and the teamwork and leadership skills inherent in being part of a ship’s crew. These trips give youth the unique opportunity to work as a team as they sail on a challenging overnight voyages on the bay and beyond.


Customized Educational Programs

 Seaward is a great bridge to the Bay and California coast and we welcome the opportunity to work with local programs. Please contact our office staff for ways that we can customize programs to fit any need. 


Public Sails 

Call of the Sea also has programs for the young-at-heart (adults) and for families! A variety of special events and Private Charters as well as Public Sails round out Seaward’s programs. Friday Sunset Sails, Sunday Family Adventure Sails and challenging Farallon, Drake’s Bay, and Mexico Voyages help connect the public to San Francisco Bay and beyond.