The Lines Plan is the most basic technical drawing associated with a vessel. It is used to describe the shape of the boat in three perspectives: Profile, Body, and Plan. The buttock lines describe the profile, the sections describe the body shape (fore and aft), and the waterlines describe the shape in plan view.

The Midship Section shows a cross section at the middle of the boat. It illustrates the construction technique and materials. This plan gives the basic dimensions for most structural elements associated with the framing, planking and decking of the hull.

The Structural Plan shows the framing for the hull and deck. It illustrates the location of frames, bulkheads, beams and blocking. It is the main tool used by the builders to size and locate the structural elements of the vessel. Fastener size and location is another key piece of information given in this plan.

Deck plan and General Arrangement

Sections of the Chart House and joiner work details.

Typ. Accommodation Bunks

The Mast Step drawing is a good example of the detail design associated with ship construction. In addition to the basic drawings one associates with boat design: Lines Plan, Midship Section, Structural Plan, General Arrangement, Sail Plan, there are a lot of details that must be communicated and built in a way that satisfies the Coast Guard and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping).